Dont Disturb

The app 'Dont Disturb' can block both telephone calls and text messages (SMS).

The app only works in one region at a time, the region is selected in the <Settings>.
A regional blacklist can be downloaded, by seleting <Download Blacklist> from the options menu, and used for blocking commonly unwanted calls, e.g. from sales representatives.
After changing region a new regional blacklist should be downloaded.
The regional blacklist is not available in the Demo version.

Local personal lists can also be used, one for telephony and one for SMS.

All blocks are logged in a log history, which can be viewed by selecting <History> in the options menu. Only a fixed number of entries are stored in the log, by default the last 100, but this is customisable,
If you use the SMS block you should disable SMS notification from your standard SMS app otherwise you will get multiple notifications since this app will also notify you.
The local lists are managed in the app.

Long-touch on a number gives you a context menu with the possibility to either <Edit Selected Number> or <Delete From Blacklist>.

In the options menu you find <Add Last Incoming Number>, <Add Number> and <Clear List>.

In the Demo version only 3 entries are allowed in each list, in the full version there are no limits.
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